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“My body needs help”

Diabetes Alert

John is an enthusiastic kiwi artist and entertainer, who enrolled with MedicAlert® more than 30 years ago.

If something unexpected happens to John, he needs others to know immediately that he has Diabetes.

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“My life may be at risk”

Asthma Alert

Alex is an active Kiwi, she also has a serious Asthma condition.

As a child Alex’s family were concerned that others may not know the seriousness of Alex’s condition so enrolled her with MedicAlert®.

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“Be careful what you give me”

Drug Allergy Alert - Penicillin and Sulpha

For most people penicillin is a friend in an emergency. For Frances it may be life threatening. Emergency Services and Clinicians need to know this immediately.

MedicAlert protects Frances's life.

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“Who knows what drugs I am on”

Multiple Medical Alert – Heart, Food Allergy-Anaphylaxis, Cancer.

Kevin takes more that 14 pills per day to protect his health. They can change and have names that are difficult to remember.

In an Emergency MedicAlert is an essential service for Kevin.

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MedicAlert®’s Trusted Emblem range includes medical condition and age appropriate products

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MedicAlert®’s ‘break glass device’ (emblems) while protecting your privacy also allow access to your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals record.

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MedicAlert® Worldwide

MedicAlert Foundation serves members who live in over 50 countries around the world.

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FREE MedicAlert® Emergency Wallet Card

MedicAlert® is internationally recognised and trusted by doctors as a source of vital clinically derived patient medical information.

When you travel, visit a Doctor for the first time or you need to quickly reference your information, you will find the MedicAlert® Medical Emergency Wallet Card of great value.

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