COVID-19 24 Mar 2020 UPDATE

Safety is our first concern

Office Closure to Public

The Upper Hutt community has now been reported to have a case of COVID-19.

The Office Building the Foundation operates from is closed to public access from Wednesday 25 March 2020.

Ongoing Operational Impacts

The Foundation will continue to operate during the level 3 and level 4 shutdown with some staff deployed to work from home and others working from the Foundations office. Staffing levels on any particular day cannot be guaranteed, as some staff may also be impacted by COVID-19 personal safety concerns, which may result in them being unable to report to work.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience or frustration which may be felt as a result, this matter is outside the control of the Foundation.

Extra Staffing

The Foundation is seeking to engage extra staff and some staff are working longer hours to help the Foundation address member’s needs. It may take longer for the Foundation to respond, but we will respond in due course.

Responding to Enquiries

Due to COVID-19, Member Safety will be the primary concern of staff over the next month to the end of April 2020, or longer if a Government level 3 or 4 shut down continues.

As at today’s date the Foundation has received over one thousand emails, this is a huge number for our staff to handle.

Enquiries or requests that do not contribute to member safety will be addressed on a first come first serve basis, as staff resources are available and allocated, this may take many weeks to address and clear.

Help the Foundation help you

Most delays in assisting members are caused by people who choose not to be informed, not co-operating, or others who do not follow the processes agreed to by members that we all must follow. Please take this time to read the Foundations Member Terms Statement, If you need a form please see if is available to download yourself.

Be Nice

The Foundations staff have been experiencing behaviour from some members which is uncalled for and unnecessarily aggressive and threatening.

Maintaining a polite, positive and productive working environment for our staff is imperative to help staff remain motivated to attend work and be available to assist Members in this difficult time.

Be Prepared

Before contacting the Foundation please be prepared with what you need to communicate, the quicker we can receive your request or instructions the more Members we can support.

Contacting the Foundation

To contact the Foundation, while we already have a lot of emails to respond to, we still prefer members please use email:

The Foundations staff are taking calls, but we are finding our call lines are not currently coping with demand, as we have too many callers.

Prioritisation of Workflow

For member safety, the Foundations staff are prioritising completion of updates to Members Medical Information and producing Medical ID’s as a workflow priority.