Parents & Caregivers

Caring for children is one of the most important and demanding roles any of us will ever play.

MedicAlert saves parents peace of mind knowing that if a child has a medical condition, allergy or special need, his or her vital medical information is readily available and can be accurately communicated in an emergency.

Many conditions especially in children are not always recognizable to those who do not know the signs. With MedicAlert protection, there is an effective way to identify your child, and help first responders understand your child's specific needs, how to respond to them and keep them safe. MedicAlert can help de-escalate a potentially volatile situation and reunite a lost child with family or caregivers.

MedicAlert is also ideal for ensuring the safety of those living with autism and or other cognitive conditions.

If you care for a child or younger person with a medical conditional, rest assured that MedicAlert will enable police, paramedics and other emergency responders to identify your loved one's condition if you can't be there for them. Plus, with our 24/7 Hotline, you will be notified as soon as possible of your loved one's situation and location in an emergency.

Make MedicAlert a part of your family today!


Designed especially for kids, our children’s collection offers a large variety of fashionable and practical medical identification jewellery.

From vibrant sports bands to gold-filled bracelets, there’s a unique product for every girl and boy.

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Financial Assistance Available : If you require a MedicAlert ID and need help with the cost of ongoing membership fees, MSD – Work & Income may be able to help you pay this as part of a Disability Allowance.  Free Phone: 0800 559 009