COVID-19 Delta Notification 18 Aug 21

COVID 19 – Delta: Member Notification of Service Interruption and more

MedicAlert® Foundation is a Government Registered Essential Service and will continue to operate during the COVID lockdown, including its 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service, which is provided through the New Zealand Emergency Ambulance Communications Centre based in Wellington and Operated by Wellington Free Ambulance. However, Membership Services needs to close for the next three working days.

Before we update you about Service availability, we feel we need to make you aware of a growing concern about ‘Long Term COVID’

Click here to become informed: Clinical evidence is mounting about ‘Long Term COVID’, where people who get COVID 19 end up with long term and in some cases very serious health problems.

As a Member of MedicAlert Foundation, you may already have health risks that give you an increased exposure to an increased risk of Long Term COVID.

Vaccinate as soon as you can – Keep calm and book your vaccination

Click here for the latest vaccine booking information . Being vaccinated may be our best way to prevent not just getting a serious or life threatening case of COVID 19 but helping avoid potential longer term or worsening health problems as a result.


Work from Home Deployment

This sudden but most important COVID lockdown, has not provided the Foundation with sufficient time to deploy secure connected health information technology computers to the homes of some of its Membership Services staff. This is necessary for this team to continue to operate, to comply with social distancing requirements within the workplace.  

In the best interests of the health and safety of our Membership Services Team, we have requested they stay home for the next 3 days, while management re-activates remote working technologies and deliver secure connected computers to the homes of those staff who will be working from home.

The Foundation is preparing on the basis of the COVID 19 Delta Lockdown being extended into next week, or possibly several weeks ahead, as has been seen occurring in Australia.


How can you help

Please be patient by allowing us time to take these necessary steps over the next 3 days.


Managing Membership Services Overload

During the last lockdown the Foundation was overloaded with calls and emails from members needing assistance. It took the Foundation several weeks to clear this backlog.

If you need to contact the Foundation to update your health, emergency contact, or other vital information, or if you need to update your MedicAlert Medical ID, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation either by emailing now or calling next week.

Again, please just be aware we will likely need time to address a sudden rush of work.


Engaging with Membership Services during the COVID 19 Delta Lockdown

      1. Email: please email the Foundation: – This will ensure Membership Services Staff can attend to your needs, once they are up and running. 
     Work is generally completed in the order it is received.

      2. Postal/ Courier: Postal and courier services were delayed in the last lockdown; we expect this to happen again. If you cannot email your information and need to post it to the Foundation, please still do so. 
     The sooner it is posted, the sooner we will receive it, even if it is delayed.

      3. Free Phone Calls to Membership Services: This service continues to operate, but calls cannot be answered over the remainder of this week. During the last COVID 19 lockdown, we received many more calls         than our staff had the capacity to handle, hence why we recommend you email to avoid this frustration.


Kindness improves staff efficiency and productivity.

Our staff are expecting to be under considerable pressure in the weeks ahead, your kindness, patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated so staff can stay focused with a positive mindset on helping as many members and getting through as much work as possible.


Loss of income/ Payment of Annual Fees/ Waiving of Late Payment Fees

If the lockdown stops you from working and getting paid, the Foundation will waive late payment fees. If you are delayed in paying your Annual Fees, please forward a note to Membership Services, so they can place such on your file.

NOTE: Reminder notices are issued automatically with late payment fees included, these cannot be changed. If your payment is late due to loss of income, you do not need to pay late payment fees between now and 30 September 2021.


Financial Hardship

Please remember if you are experiencing Financial Hardship the Government may fund payment of your annual fees through a Disability Allowance, provided you qualify. Please ask your doctor to complete a Disability Allowance Application Form and provide a copy of your Invoice as supporting information.


Financial Difficulties

If you do not qualify for Hardship support but have Financial Difficulties and need help from the Foundation, please contact Membership Services. The Foundation wants to help Members continue their Membership in the best interests of their health, welfare, safety, and rights and may be able to provide support. 


Donating to Support Members in Need

If you are in a position to help the Foundation support members with Financial Difficulties in these extremely difficult times, we would be most grateful for your support. Donations can be made on the Foundations Website, through online banking (Ac 03-0774-0968509-000, Ref: Member ID Code: Donation), or over the phone by Credit Card.


Thank you, keep safe at home, stay calm and we will get through this together.