COVID-19 Update: 27 March 2020


Previous Updates

Please read all previous COVID-19 updates and notices so you are fully informed and do not miss any important information.


The Foundation has now received formal written confirmation its nationwide and international service is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. 

MBIE is working hard to confirm the status of essential services across the country during this unprecedented time in New Zealand's history. We welcome this confirmation; it assists people to understand the importance and necessity of what we do to help protect Kiwis lives

Dispatching Medical ID's

The Foundation has dispatched over one hundred Service Supported and Clinically Validated Medical ID's today and we expect this to continue, while Members continue to get their information updated, in their best interests. MedicAlert Medical ID's are the most trusted and most recognised Emergency  Medical  Information Device in New Zealand. We operate to strict standards that keep our Members safe.

Membership Services calls to 0800 840 111

The Foundation is continuing to be overwhelmed by calls. Please be patient and kind with our staff, they are under considerable stress and pressure and need to keep calls short and to the point to get through as many callers as possible.

If you strike a delay when you call, please follow instructions on the call to request a call back, this will occur when staff are next available to respond. You will not lose your place in the queue.

Paying fees late and waiving of late payment fees

Please click on this link regarding Invoicing, Late Payment Fees and Financial Hardship

NB:   If you have not yet paid your fees, you may still receive overdue notices with late payment fees on them – the Foundations invoicing and reminder system is automated and is not able to be changed in Civil Emergency circumstances like this. Please ignore any late payment fees on your overdue notice and pay the fees portion only.

Non-payment of Late Payment Fees is valid for payments made prior to 30 June 2020.

Extra Staffing

Extra staff have now commenced work – however we do need more staff due to demand and will keep working on this.  Any Donation to help increase staffing would be extremely helpful at this time.

Again, please help the Foundation help you - frustration is avoidable

Most delays in attending to calls are being caused by those who are not correctly informed, who make incorrect assumptions and need lengthy explanations, which is not helpful.  Please take this time to read the Foundations Member Terms Statement , If you need a form to fill in, or would like more policy or procedural information. Please see if it is available to download here first .

If you can complete, scan and email your form to that would be preferred, otherwise please post it to MedicAlert Foundation, PO Box 40028, Upper Hutt, 5140.

Please Be Nice

Please maintain a polite, positive and productive working environment for our staff. This is essential to help staff remain motivated to attend work and be available to assist Members in this difficult time. Please be calm, be prepared, co-operate and make your communication clear and succinct, so staff can attend to your needs quickly and don't keep others waiting more than necessary. 

Thank you for your understanding and assistance, we are working hard in your best interests.