COVID-19 Vaccination Notification

Get the Facts, Protect Your Future Quality of Life

Message from the MedicAlert CEO: Murray Lord

I trust you are safe and protecting yourself from COVID – Delta. 

As a Society of Members committed to supporting people with hidden and/or life threatening medical conditions, I have become increasingly alarmed by the outright false and misleading information being circulated about the COVID Pandemic and Vaccinations, particularly on Social Media.

In my opinion, this anti-vaccination messaging has become dangerous and is threatening people’s lives.

Today I was made aware of an anti-vaccination protest being held outside of a school, scaring children as they arrived. I find this to be disgraceful behaviour; scaremongering and taking advantage of young vulnerable minds against their best interests.

As mentioned in the Foundation’s last notice in August, the danger of ‘Long-Term COVID’ is very real. If you are unvaccinated and experience a full-blown case of COVID-19, it can have a permanent long-term impact on your health for the remainder of your life. 

I am now fully vaccinated and very relieved to be. Like all members, I have medical risks; diabetes and immune-suppression. I experienced no side effects from the vaccine at all. I have family and friends who have experienced some side effects from the vaccine, but nothing that can compare to the harm that can be caused from Long-Term COVID.

If you are still in two minds about getting vaccinated, I urge you to seriously consider the potentially serious impact on the rest of your life from contracting Long COVID - it is real and avoidable. There is a useful selection of information and statistics on the COVID-19 vaccine available here that may assist you in getting informed. You can book your vaccination here through the Government’s COVID-19 response team.

Please consider sharing these links with your family, friends, and workmates – especially those who are not vaccinated - to help protect their Lives and future quality of life.

Adding Your COVID-19 Vaccination to Your MedicAlert Record and Receiving a MedicAlert Medical ID Card for COVID-19 Vaccination

We are interested in knowing if you would like the opportunity to have your COVID-19 vaccination information added to your MedicAlert Record and if you would be interested in receiving a COVID-19 specific vaccination wallet card.

If you are interested, please email a copy of your Vaccination Paper Card, which has your vaccination details on it to We will place this on your MedicAlert Record, there is no extra charge for this. If sufficient interest exists to produce the Plastic Wallet Cards, we will notify Members of this via return email with a link to order it online. A $10.00 charge for the card may be necessary to cover the cost of production and distribution.

If You Need Us, Membership Services Are Ready And Waiting

If you have been delaying contacting the Foundation for some reason, we have now cleared our backlog of work due to the COVID-19 Lockdown. Please feel free to call Membership Services on 0800 840 111 or email us at

Special Shout Out to Our Members in Level 4 and Level 3 Areas - COVID-19 Relief Discount

We know you are doing it tough, and we feel for you. 

If you have received your Membership Service Fee Invoice or a reminder notice and it remains unpaid, please give Membership Services a call. These are issued automatically, but we do understand that there may be difficulties due to current circumstances. We want you to be kept safe and therefore may be able to assist you with a special $5.00 COVID Relief Discount; which can be claimed when paying over the phone using a Credit or Debit Card, prior to 30 October 2021.*

To claim this offer, just say: “I would like to claim the COVID Relief Discount please”

*Please note: this offer is only available when you are paying over the phone using a Credit or Debit Card, prior to 30 October 2021, other terms and conditions apply.

In addition, if you contact Membership Services regarding financial difficulties due to COVID, you will not need to pay Overdue/Late Payment Fees .

Thank you and please book your vaccine if you haven't already done so, to keep safe.