COVID-19 Vaccination

Learn About What May Be Ahead

Message from the MedicAlert CEO: Murray Lord

Why is being prepared so important to all MedicAlert Members?

We have many Members who cannot be vaccinated due to sound medical reasons, and others like me, who have been vaccinated but are still at risk due to their conditions. These same members and others of us, who may be vaccinated, can still remain at serious risk when COVID in its multiple mutated forms, beyond Delta, enter the country after borders open.

We are all highly dependent on our family, friends, and wider community to get protected from COVID, as much as possible, so we can be kept safe when this happens. 

Let me share a little more about myself: 

I have mentioned before that I have Diabetes and I am Immuno-Suppressed; my immune system attacks my healthy cells and this is incurable. Being immuno-suppressed, I was a borderline case for taking the vaccine. I could have avoided it on sound medical grounds. But here’s the thing, on multiple occasions I have caught school yard coughs and colds from my grandchildren. Because I am immuno-suppressed, these generally benign school child problems turn into full blown illness with secondary infections and I find myself felling like I am coughing my lungs raw; it’s put me in hospital. This has got me thinking - what could happen if I caught more than a school yard bug? 

I decided in my case that the risk of a reaction to the Vaccine was much less threatening to me than being unvaccinated against COVID. More than 90% of people who go to hospital and die from COVID now are unvaccinated. The evidence is now clinically indisputable. We now have a Pandemic of the unvaccinated. I believe I have a better chance of survival if I take the vaccine, before I catch COVID-19.

We must make our own informed decision in our own and our Community’s best interest as these are one and the same.

If you know that you can be vaccinated and you are still ‘thinking about it’, please book your vaccination. It could be the difference between having a mild case of COVID Delta and a life threatening event. You will also be protecting our valuable community of millions to help stop the spread to our most vulnerable members.

Our Government has acted quickly in an attempt to eradicate the Delta variant, but this may not be possible anymore. Increasing issues along the Auckland border due to non-compliance have me concerned the situation discussed in this video may be closer to home than previously considered; especially in light of recent events in the Waikato region. You will see in this video how quickly Covid can go from being controlled to being uncontrollable.

The only realistic solution we may have right now is vaccination.

Adding your COVID-19 Vaccination to your MedicAlert Record and receiving a MedicAlert Medical ID Card for COVID Vaccination

We have begun receiving Members COVID Vaccination Information and recording such on Members Records. 

We are also now giving serious consideration to providing the opportunity for members to receive a COVID-19 specific clinically validated vaccination wallet card.

If you are interested, please email a copy of your Vaccination Paper Card, which has your vaccination details on it to We will place this on your MedicAlert Record, there is no extra charge for this. If sufficient interest exists to produce the Plastic Wallet Cards, we will notify Members of this via return email with a link to order it online. A $10.00 charge for the card may be necessary to cover the cost of production and distribution.

If you need us, Membership Services are ready and waiting

If you have been delaying contacting the Foundation for some reason, we have now cleared our backlog of work due to the COVID-19 Lockdown. Please feel free to call Membership Services on 0800 840 111 or email 

If your fees are Due, or Overdue – Please claim your COVID Relief Discount now

Please give Membership Services a call. We want you to be kept safe and we may be able to assist you with a special COVID Relief Discount, which can be claimed when paying over the phone using a Credit or Debit Card, prior to 31 October 2021. You must ask for the Discount to receive it.

Just say: “I would like to claim the COVID Relief Discount please”

Please stay safe and be prepared for COVID-19.