COVID 19 DELTA Notification 24 Aug 21

COVID 19 - Delta: If you need us, we are ready and waiting

Membership Services opened again yesterday, MedicAlert®s Emergency Hotline never closed, and we have seen a flood of enrolments online since the lockdown commenced, we are getting onto these new enrolments today.
Having successfully deployed staff to work from home, this allows the Foundation to comply with social distancing requirements in the workplace. This keeps our team safe, so Membership Services can remain operating.

Access to MedicAlert Office and Membership Services
COVID – Delta Level 4, requires access to the Foundations office to be closed for members and the public. Only staff may be present.
Please contact Membership Services preferably via email , or Free Phone 0800 840 111, but please expect delays due to increased email and call volumes.

Generally, Membership Services will be attending to work in the order we receive it.
Do you need financial assistance for your Annual Fees?
The Foundation is waiving all late fees for unpaid overdue Annual Fee Invoices through to 30 September 2021. This applies to all Overdue Invoices paid before 30 September 2021. Simply pay the Annual Fee portion only through online banking or by credit card over the phone.

If you are affected by loss of work income and need additional assistance, please send us an email, so we can consider how we can help you.  

Keeping our Mental Health in shape, while in Lockdown

Do you have low energy, maybe finding it hard to get moving, or possibly a little anxious, you can check if you may be depressed and need medical assistance, learn more here  

Masking up

We are concerned if one of our staff catches the COVID Delta strain, the Foundation may need to close Membership Services, while all staff isolate, like Northshore Hospital ED. In addition to social distancing and masking, staff are  increasing workstation and office wide frequency of sanitation, moving to a daily sanitation process involving every employee.

Increase to staffing
During the last lockdown, the Foundation needed and hired more staff, we have anticipated this will be the case again. We commenced advertising last week and are working to have more people up and running as soon as possible. This will help our team better handle sudden increases in Member requests and contacts.

Continuation of Lockdown
With COVID – Delta having been found in Wellington; the Foundation is expecting its office to be following essential service operating protocols for Level 4 for several weeks to come.

Call to Action
To help us all at this most difficult time, we have adopted the following ethos. We welcome your support and understanding to achieve this: