COVID-19 MedicAlert® Special Offers

COVID-19 Special Offers

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MedicAlert is an Essential Service and the risk of COVID-19 continues, so we have a great offer for you

Enrol right here, right now, to benefit from MedicAlert Services, at the best online price in over a decade (Offer Extended)

Choose from several Medical ID options at no additional cost, or upgrade to some other ID you prefer.  

Use this code (upper case):  NEWMEM  to receive a 50% ($25.00) discount on the Foundations Enrolment Fee.

Pay your annual membership and service fee for the year ahead, plus a freight and handling  fee, 

And you can get started with your personal, customised, proven, trusted and internationally recognised  MedicAlert service, in quick time*

Protecting your quality of life is worth every cent and far more.  

The Foundations Member Terms Statement (T&C's) apply  

* Medical information is required from your Doctor to Laser Engrave your MedicAlert Medical ID.