COVID-19 MedicAlert® Special Offers

COVID-19 Special Offers

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MedicAlert is an Essential Service and the risk of COVID-19 continues, so we have a great offer for you

Enrol right here, right now, to benefit from MedicAlert Services, at the best online price in over a decade (Offer Extended)

Choose from several Medical ID options at no additional cost, or upgrade to some other ID you prefer.  

Use this code (upper case):  NEWMEM  to receive a 50% ($25.00) discount on the Foundations Enrolment Fee.

Pay your annual membership and service fee for the year ahead, plus a freight and handling  fee, 

And you can get started with your personal, customised, proven, trusted and internationally recognised  MedicAlert service, in quick time*

Protecting your quality of life is worth every cent and far more.  

The Foundations Member Terms Statement (T&C's) apply  

* Medical information is required from your Doctor to Laser Engrave your MedicAlert Medical ID. 

Purchasing a Laser Engraved Medical ID ?

Discount Code: COVID

Please use this code on the Foundation's website, it's faster and you can pay online.

This code has been made available for the use of all Members and is valid for a selection of Bracelets, Pendants or Dog Tags. (Offer Extended)

A 15% discount is available for the item you purchase. Only one discount offer can be claimed when purchasing a Medical ID.

Common Service Terms and Conditions apply