COVID-19 MedicAlert Support for Members

Support for Members

MedicAlert Annual Review & Invoicing

The Foundations production and distribution for annual review and invoicing operates automatically and changing the system for COVID-19 is not a practical or affordable option available to the Foundation. A shutdown may cause printing and distribution to become unreliable, invoices may be issued late, reminders may then follow in quick succession. Delivery of mail could be a big problem. There are all number on unanticipated issues that may arise which the Foundation will have no control over in coming weeks or months, please keep this in mind.

Waiving of Late Payment Fees

If you become impacted by COVID-19 and this has a financial impact on you that means your payment of fees may be delayed, we understand. If you are personally subject to self-isolation due to COVID-19 or are impacted by a job loss when payment of your fees become due, you do not need to pay late payment fees contained in your reminder notice.

Financial Hardship

If you become subject to financial hardship due to reduced working hours or a Job loss, please apply for Government Disability Allowance funding, your doctor will need to help you with this and you will need a copy of your MedicAlert invoice to supply with the Application Form. This will ensure the Foundation continues to receive Revenue and can pay its staff to keep operating. If you do not qualify for a Disability Allowance, please let the Foundation know by emailing:

  If we know you do not qualify for a Disability Allowance and need assistance, we would rather be informed and have the opportunity to help, than be left in the dark and continuing to lose money sending out reminder notices.


If you are in the position to do so, please consider making a special donation to help fund the Foundations work over coming weeks and possibly months, so we can help support members who are impacted, particularly if a COVID-19 shut down becomes real. Please use this link to donate, we would be most grateful.

Keep in Touch

Stay Safe, stay well and if you feel you want to chat, try the Foundations Facebook page, we have tens of thousands of Members across New Zealand, together we can support each other through this difficult time.