COVID-19 MedicAlert® Member Action Points

Action Points

Your MedicAlert® Service may become extremely important to you by helping others recognise your risks and taking your health more seriously. 

You can help by:

1. Do not be reserved or shy about proactively showing people your MedicAlert® Medical ID, it is a very quick and easy clinically validated and internationally recognised tool that:

 a. Communicates your medical risks.

 b. Helps people know what you are saying is true.

 c. Helps avoid misunderstandings.

 d. Has the MedicAlert 24/7 Hotline Number engraved on it.

 e. Provides Emergency Services access to Emergency Contacts and additional non-engraved information.

2.  If you become unwell:

 a. Don’t wait quietly for people to look for your MedicAlert Medical ID

 b. Again, show people your clinically validated MedicAlert® Medical ID straight away and specifically tell them they must read it.

 c. Be polite but firm and assertive in your expectation, it’s your life we are protecting.

3.  Have you upgraded to a laser engraved Medical ID ? – they are much easier to read in daylight and at night.

4.  Is your information on file with MedicAlert complete, accurate, current and medically actionable?

If you're not sure:

 a. Login to your MedicAlert® online account and click on ManageMyHealth to check your information.

 b. If need be, call your doctor's practice and ask them to submit a MedicAlert® e-Referral to update your information on file with MedicAlert® automatically.

 c. If your doctor does not use a Medtech Practice System, you may need to have a clinical update form filled in and returned. 

 d. The Foundation's phone system can get overloaded when many people call at the same time. Please contact us by email:

 e. Please use the Foundation's website to place Medical ID orders, its faster and you can pay online.  Please check our COVID-19 Special Offers before doing so.

 f. Help your family and friends benefit by becoming a Member of the Society and receiving a MedicAlert Service, our COVID-19 Special Offers include a substantial enrolment discount.