Member Stories

  • Ken

    Posted: Fri 21 Oct 2022

    City Auckland

    “I was diagnosed with aggresive prostate cancer in 2014 and had a prostatectomy (removal of my...”

  • Tim Nilson

    Posted: Sat 23 Oct 2021

    City Glenfield, Auckland, NZ

    “Because I have epilepsy and lose consciousness during my seizures”

  • Lesley Blackford

    Posted: Thu 05 Aug 2021

    City Taumarunui

    “I joined Medic Alert because I had an accident and seriously broke my foot”

  • Melanie Hill

    Posted: Mon 22 Mar 2021

    City Waikato

    “I joined because I need a voice when I'm unconscious”

  • Robin Wells

    Posted: Wed 20 Jan 2021

    City Hamilton

    “I have Neurofibromatsois type 2 & Diabetes type 2 insulin dependent, Angina, Brain Anurisms,...”

  • Pam Cotton

    Posted: Wed 26 Aug 2020

    City Rangiora

    “Nearly 18 years ago I had the unfortunate experience of having a Cardiac Arrest ( out of Hospital)...”

  • Hannah C

    Posted: Thu 09 Jul 2020

    City Papamoa

    “I had no idea I would need life saving medicine”

  • Sonja

    Posted: Wed 04 Mar 2020

    City Tauranga

    “I have been a Medic Alert member for almost 20 years after I had a severe allergic reaction to...”

  • christopher Fox

    Posted: Tue 06 Aug 2019

    City bombay

    “i joined in 1974 my glycogen storage diease was real bad growing up they were there for me”

  • Vernon Ching

    Posted: Fri 17 May 2019

    City Christchurch, Islington

    “I never through about getting a medicalert until my doctor told me to get a medicalert I got...”

  • Yvonne Munro

    Posted: Thu 30 Aug 2018

    City Palmerston North

    “Assurance if needed”

  • Megan

    Posted: Thu 05 Jul 2018

    City Hamilton

    “Anaphylactic reactions to water, heat and exercise which are unusual, so to let other people know...”

  • Janet Muriel Rachel Pitcher

    Posted: Sat 29 Oct 2016

    City Gisborne.

    “I Had Meningitis AT The Age Of 8 Months As A Baby Ended Up In The Hospital Doctor's Put Needle...”

  • Katarina Noone

    Posted: Fri 08 Apr 2016

    City New Zealand

    “I am writing to praise your service to me, I was admitted to hospital just yesterday, and because I...”

  • Tracey

    Posted: Mon 21 Sep 2015

    City Christchurch

    “I joint because I have so many medical conditions and allergies as a result of being overdosed ...”

  • Ileena O'Donnell

    Posted: Thu 06 Aug 2015

    City Tauranga, New Zealand

    “A severe reaction to fish and all seafood products can and will shorten or end my life at any given...”

  • laura wrigley

    Posted: Sat 06 Dec 2014

    City torbay auckland

    “i have severe anaphylaxis to bees and peanuts also asthma and anxiety disorders when i couldn't...”

  • Jodi Carri Sumpton

    Posted: Wed 19 Nov 2014

    City Howick

    “I am a Type One Diabetic on an Insulin Pump”

  • Seamus McCaul

    Posted: Fri 22 Mar 2013

    City Upper Hutt

    “I joined MedicAlert mainly because I have a Medical Condition called Myasthenia Gravis”

  • Maree Payne

    Posted: Wed 07 Nov 2012

    City Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland

    “My doctor advised me to after i had my kidney operation about 15 years ago, and also because i have...”