Black Face Plate

Premium Black Stainless Steel Face Plate

A durable, sleek and smooth Black coloured [stainless steel medical ID] attached to any silicone band.

code: B101

code: B101

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Disc Type: Rectangle (19mm x 35mm)

Size: XS: 11.5cm, Sm:15cm Med: 17cm, L: 19.5cm, XL: 22cm

(Note: The total length of the product you select includes the medical ID + band)

Medical ID engraving is customised to your individual needs. Your personal/medical information will be clinically validated for accuracy and laser engraved onto the back of the medical ID.

*Please note: This silicone band needs to be wrapped around the wrist and is attached by looping the 'hooks' on one side of the medical ID into the loop. You may require assistance with this.

Attaching the band like this will avoid damage to the band.

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