Small Silicone Watch Tag with Stainless Steel Plate


This MedicAlert Silicone Band offers some flexibility and comfort, while alerting first responders of underlying medical conditions.
This particular product is designed to loop onto your watch or activity tracker.

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Silicone band Length: 74mm Width: 12mm Loop size: 13mm x 12mm Stainless Steel Plate 14mm x 30mm Please keep in mind that engraving is very limited on this product. If you are unsure whether your information will fit please call our free phone.

Steel products including silicone can be cleaned by immersing in hot water with liquid soap. The silicone band is for everyday use, or where the member has vigorous work, hobby or sporting activities. Note: some medications and acidic skin types can affect its appearance.

All MedicAlert products are warranted against all defects in material or workmanship for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover: • Normal wear • Tarnishing or scratching of the emblem, chain and attachments • Pulling open J Ring Wrist Safety Part Links • Tearing of silicone bands • Damage resulting from misuse or accidental handling • Loss of any kind • Changing your mind following purchase

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