MedicAlert® Foundation provide life saving information services, supported with an internationally recognised Medical ID.

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MedicAlert® Foundation provide life saving information services, supported with an internationally recognised Medical ID.

MedicAlert® Services protect
you in an emergency.

Adverse drug reactions and misdiagnosis are a serious risk when the pressure is on. Identifying your risks with MedicAlert® Services give emergency responders confidence to act promptly to protect and save your life.

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Like millions of other people, Aisling has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, compounded by Asthma. She could go into Anaphylactic shock and die in minutes. She wears a MedicAlert® Service Supported Medical ID to make sure the community who may come to her aid, know about her condition when she cannot speak, so they can act quickly to protect and save her life.

“If I go into shock, I won’t be able to talk. I won’t be able to tell anyone what’s going on, I won’t be able to save myself.” — Aisling Anderson

MedicAlert® Services allow you to engage with your medical records.

Life is hectic and full of surprises, including medical emergencies. MedicAlert® Services allow members unlimited and secure access to their vital medical information 24 hours a day whether you are in New Zealand or Overseas.

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Like most Senior Citizens, Doreen suffers from a number of serious Medical Conditions. Before joining MedicAlert® Foundation, Doreen had a little notebook stored in her handbag that she was constantly updating with her current prescribed Medications and her daughter’s current contact details, But who would know to look for it if she was rushed to hospital and could not communicate?

“The MedicAlert® Service Supported Medical ID is internationally recognised and allows me to engage with my medical records and now allows Emergency Services quick access to my most up to date Medical and Emergency contact information without fossicking around my personal handbag. Every time I visit my GP my Medical Records are automatically updated with MedicAlert® Foundation and available if I’m in an emergency.” — Doreen Fisher

MedicAlert® Services allow
you to live your life
with confidence.

With MedicAlert® Foundation you are supported by a 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service. You, along with your family and friends, can share in the wonderful peace of mind, which comes from having MedicAlert® Foundation by your side.

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Young Indiana
Young Indianna has only half a heart. At 15 months old, she’s already had two heart surgeries, and she will need another surgery when she’s about three or four years old.

“MedicAlert® Foundation gives heart families like mine peace-of-mind knowing that their child’s health records can be immediately accessed by emergency responders and enable appropriate treatment for Indianna.” — Carmen Tatana, Mother of Indianna

MedicAlert® Service Plans.

Enrolment includes choice of a Free Medical ID

  Patient Vitals Service Advanced Protection Service
  Adult Child Adult Child
One time Enrolment fee *
* Includes first year service fee, first year membership fee
and $10 track and trace courier fee
$110 $85 $120 $100
Service Fee (Yearly) $40 $25 $50 $35
Membership Fee (Yearly) $10 $10

Support and Service Benefits Included

Foundation Membership - Your Charity   
Internationally Recognised  
Emergency Identification Services   
Faster Recognition and Diagnosis   
Exercising Your Rights   
Protecting your Identity and Privacy   
Key for Emergency Access   
Emergency Medical Action Plan     
Advanced Directive     
Enduring Power of Attorney    
Hotline answered by Ambulance Service  
MedicAlert® Global Access Service   
ManageMyHealth Account   
Annual Review and Unlimited Updates   
Connected Health Information Services   
International Travel   
Membership Services Support   
FAQ and More Information   
The Foundations Legal Structure   
  Adult Patient Vitals Service Sign up Less than
$1.00 per week!
Child Patient Vitals Service Sign up Less than
70 cents per week!
Adult Advanced Protection Service Sign up Less than
$1.20 per week!
Child Advanced Protection Service Sign up Less than
90 cents per week!

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MedicAlert® Foundation.

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Internationally recognised.

Internationally recognised.

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