Purpose of MedicAlert®

MedicAlert® Foundation is the original non-profit organisation whose mission is to save lives by providing medical information in emergency situations.

Founded by Dr Marion Collins in 1956 and established in New Zealand in 1962, MedicAlert® Internationally has been saving lives for over 50 years.

Emergency Responders and Clinicians need a simple way to get more information about you, that's why they check for the famous, body worn MedicAlert Emblem.
They know your vital information comes directly from your doctor so they can trust it and act on it immediately.

Now MedicAlert® is leading the way with Electronic Health Records that ensure your most up to date health information is always accessible in an emergency.
In New Zealand particularly, MedicAlert® has one of the most advanced access systems globally via the Patient Centric Health Portal called ManageMyHealth.

Approximately 80% of New Zealand General Practitioners now use Practice Management Software that connects directly to ManageMyHealth. No other country in the world has achieved this to date.

With MedicAlert® - You receive worldwide protection. Where ever you go - MedicAlert® goes with you.