14ct Gold Teardrop Pendant with Bismark Chain

14ct Gold Teardrop Pendant with Bismark Chain

This high quality precious metal emblem will be made to order. Special terms of trade apply.

Estimated Price $1978 incl' GST (subject to change primarily due to exchange rate and gold pricing fluctuations)

Limited engraving due to emblem size.

code: A142

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Pendant 2.38 x 3.17 cm Bismark Chain 55.88cm (22")

Gold and gold-filled products should be cleaned by immersing in hot water with liquid soap. A soft light brushing may be applied. Mild non abrasive jewellery cleaners are acceptable. Be aware that staining can occur from household cleaners, garden sprays, sulphurous water, some perfumes, medications and skin conditions and is not a product defect. MedicAlert does not warranty against tarnishing of gold products.

All MedicAlert products are warranted against all defects in material or workmanship for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover: • Normal wear • Tarnishing or scratching of the emblem, chain and attachments • Pulling open J Ring Wrist Safety Part Links • Tearing of silicone bands • Damage resulting from misuse or accidental handling • Loss of any kind • Changing your mind following purchase

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