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Electronic Health Records are here -
are you ready?

With Medtech 32, you can now electronically Enrol a patient with MedicAlert® during a Consultation.

MedicAlert® has teamed up with Medtech New Zealand using the revolutionary new Patient Centric Health Portal called ManageMyHealth.

New Zealand Clinicians have been referring Patients to MedicAlert® for over 47 years in New Zealand. Now MedicAlert's® Service has got super smart with globally leading technologies.

When you now refer a patient electronically from your surgery, the patient will be requested to go to the MedicAlert® Website, complete the online enrolment process, select a MedicAlert® Emblem, agree to privacy terms and conditions and make any necessary payments to MedicAlert®.

Globally leading technology - Why follow when you are a leader!

With approx 80% of New Zealand General Practitioners now using Medtech practice management systems. No other country in the world has achieved this level of nationwide accessibility.

Now every New Zealander with diagnosed Medical conditions or allergies and taking ongoing medications can Enrol with MedicAlert® to receive the worldwide protection MedicAlert® offers via its Patient Vitals - Electronic Health Record and internationally recognized emblems.

If you are a clinician who is not using Medtech, Patients can still enrol online. MedicAlert® will issue the Patient with a form for you to authenticate their clinical information. Alternately, MedicAlert's® existing enrolment forms remain available and can be used for consultation initiated referrals. This will ensure every New Zealander can have access to MedicAlert's® Electronic services to protect and save their life.