MedicAlert prepares to celebrate 50 years of saving lives in New Zealand

Posted: 16 October 2012

MedicAlert® prepares to celebrate 50 years of saving lives in New Zealand


In celebration of 50 years of life-saving service MedicAlert® is preparing to host an anniversary event on 7 November 2012 at the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor in Wellington.

A highlight of the event is a presentation to MedicAlert®’s 175,000th New Zealand member Aisling Anderson. Aisling enrolled with MedicAlert® in August this year prior to visiting Hong Kong because of a peanut allergy. Aisling said “I wanted to have the reassurance of being protected while travelling”.  

New Zealand MedicAlert® Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Mr Murray Lord, says “We are delighted to have enrolled Aisling as our 175,000th member and welcome her to the MedicAlert® Family, MedicAlert® will be presenting Aisling with a custom engraved gold plated genuine MedicAlert® emblem in celebration.”

 MedicAlert® is an internationally recognised non profit charitable organisation which provides emergency access to vital patient  health information in an emergency.

 This is made possible through patient use of a Genuine MedicAlert® Emblem, which is internationally trusted and respected. The Emblem provides an International Hotline Number which gives Medical Facilities and Emergency Services access to important patient health information lodged with the MedicAlert® Global Access Service. This service is already accessible 24/7 by all three emergency Ambulance communication centers in New Zealand.

 Mr Murray Lord states ”Over the last 50  years, MedicAlert®  emblems have  allowed members to play an active part in protection of their health and welfare, and avoid being harmed, should an unexpected Medical Emergency occur   in New Zealand or when they are travelling abroad. It ensures critical patient medical risks and personal details are communicated to emergency service and healthcare professionals, especially when they can’t speak for themselves and can be a life saving tool, when time is of the essence”.

The Foundation supports ongoing education for first aiders and emergency and healthcare professionals to ensure routine checking for medical identification and understanding of how MedicAlert® supports life-saving diagnosis and treatment when seconds count.




Notes to Editors


As a not-for-profit organisation MedicAlert Foundation receives no direct government funding. Donations assist us to keep the cost of our service to a minimum for all members and to maintain our awareness programs.

To make a donation in support of what we do, please visit our website or call us toll free on 0800 840 111.

Today, MedicAlert® is one of the largest nonprofit membership organizations in the world with a mission to protect and save lives. Since 1956, MedicAlert® New Zealand has relayed member's key medical facts to emergency medical personnel so members can receive faster, safer treatment, and avoid harmful or fatal reactions.


For more information, contact:

Murray Lord


0800 840 111 Ext 208

021 -261-6130



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