Before you need a Medical Alarm ......... You need MedicAlert®!


Who will be your first responder?

Your First Responder may be a co-worker, a person walking by on the street or in a supermarket, a tourist at an Airport or your child's school teacher.

With MedicAlert® your First Responder now knows to take your condition seriously. Appropriate first aid can save your life.

  • Your First Responder can.... more....
  • Notify an Ambulance service provider, be it St Johns, Wellington Free Ambulance or any other (including when travelling overseas) that you have a MedicAlert®.
  • The responding Ambulance Service can obtain your vital information while the Paramedic travels to the scene of the incident.
  • In New Zealand just dial 111 or the number on your MedicAlert® emblem, Ambulance services can then provide immediate and appropriate advice based on your known medical conditions and medications to your First Responder.
You have now provided your First Responder with a significant advantage to protect and save your life with MedicAlert®.

And here’s the good news for a senior citizen – a cheaper Medic Alert option. On an annual basis, MedicAlert®’s service is hundreds of dollars less expensive than a medical alarm and works whether you are at home, out or traveling.

And now the super good news for senior citizens – With MedicAlert®, you can choose a medical alarm service provider that best meets your needs. MedicAlert recommends you look for a provider that has ethical standards and commits to providing a professional and immediately responsive emergency call out service. In particular, MedicAlert recommends you avoid using a provider that relies on untrained neighbors or lay people to respond when you press your alarm, keeping in mind this is a 24 hour emergency service.

    MedicAlert® will ensure Ambulance services have your vital information when they need it, whether you are at home or away.

    There is only One MedicAlert® Service

    If any other organisation tells you they provide a MedicAlert® service, you know not to believe them. There is only one MedicAlert® service.

    It’s a Non Profit organisation, and you’re connected right now.

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