How MedicAlert® protects your life

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwi’s have medical conditions that must be known in an emergency

MedicAlert® helps your first responder recognize that they need to take your situation seriously.

Symptoms can easily be misdiagnosed

Particularly when you cannot speak for yourself, proper diagnosis in the first few minutes is very critical for proper treatment.

If you have drug allergies then MedicAlert® service adds a whole new level of meaning. Firstly, you're at risk from the situation you are in - Now the treatment you receive could present a further and more serious threat.

MedicAlert® alerts first responders and emergency health care providers to your vital medical information through your emblem and electronically through your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals - Electronic Health Record.

In an Emergency:

Custom Engraving

Your Emblem is custom engraved with your most vital personal medical information. It protects your privacy and also acts as a ‘Break Glass Device’ so emergency services to access your vital information securely online.

Emergency Personnel

Emergency staff are trained to look for the most critical information engraved on the MedicAlert® identification.

24 hour Emergency Hotline

If required, emergency staff will call the 24 hour hotline for the full emergency Patient Vitals medical record (even if outside of New Zealand)

Direct Electronic Access

A growing number of Emergency Clinicians throughout New Zealand can securely access your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals Record directly.

Advanced Directives

As an ‘Advanced Protection’ service member, your written Advanced Directives will be available to Emergency Services and Clinicians.

MedicAlert® allows the right information to be delivered at the right time to enable the best possible care.