Patient Privacy

As clinicians are rightly concerned, Patient Privacy is paramount.

When Enroling with MedicAlert® the issue of patient privacy is dealt with up front.

While patients are giving MedicAlert® permission to appropriately release their private information, they also have online access to a fully audited patient centric system and can see who accessed their information and when.

Where unauthorized or inappropriate access is suspected, complaints can be laid with the Privacy commissioner ensuring a transparent and integrity focused process is followed.

MedicAlerts® Emblem provides break glass device access by emergency services to the patients record.

MedicAlert allows secure, certificated and encrypted online access to its Patient Vitals - Electronic Health Records by the New Zealand Emergency Ambulance Call Centres.

If an Ambulance is called, a patient with MedicAlert® has given prior consent for their information to be released, so access by Emergency Services to your patients vital clinical Information is immediate.