MedicAlert® in NZ - History

MedicAlert® New Zealand is now a modern technology driven health organisation.

Like most successful modern day non profit organisations, MedicAlert® started with a vision and small beginnings that in time grew well beyond initial expectations.

MedicAlert® is now setting a fast pace adopting new technologies to improve services that ultimately protect and save lives.

History Quick Facts:

7th August 1962:    
MedicAlert NZ established by the Lions Club of Upper Hutt
Lions Club President:                Mr W.F. Downs

MedicAlert’s First President:   Mr G.T. Reilly

MedicAlert’s First Board Members:
            D. Manson, M.A., Dip. Ed.
            L.F. Beck, Ll.B.
            J.K. Kiely
            R.J. Reilly, M.P.S.
MedicAlert’s First Advisory Board Members:
            Dr W.H. Bull, Director Medical Services N.Z. Police
            Dr H.B. Rainey
            Dr W Stewart Alexander.
            Dr A.H. Webb, Hon. General Secretary, British Medical Association
            Mr J.C. Edwards, Transport Department, N.Z. Traffic Superintendent
            Mr C.L. Bishop, Secretary Municipal Associations of N.Z.
            Mr G.E.K. Smith, Ambulance Service
            Mr R.D. Jones, N.Z. Haemophilia Society Inc.
            Mr Gordon L. Brown, F.I.C.A.P.
            Mr C Meachen, Chief Secretary, Venerable Order of St. John
            Mr R. Sargent, Chairman, Central Executive N.Z. Optometrical Assoc.

July 1964:   
Already MedicAlert has nearly 4500 Members

MedicAlert established as a Non Profit Incorporated Society administered by a Volunteer Medical Advisory Board, Management Board and seven full time employees. First Executive Director: Seymour Young

Hotline Service provided by Wellington Free Ambulance.

Mar 1980:  
Minister of Health – Hon George Gair awards Gold MedicAlert Bracelet
to 20,000th Member.

Feb 1985:  
MedicAlert enrols 50,000th Member.

Patient Medical Records established on Computer.

April 1997:
MedicAlert enrols 100,000th Member.

May 1997: 
New Office Facilities opened by Minister of Health – Hon Bill English.

June 2006: 
MedicAlert enrols 150,000th Member.

April 2010:
MedicAlerts® officially opens new National Office and launches MedicAlerts® Nationwide Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record Service that immediately connects directly to approx 80% of New Zealand General Practitioners Practice Management Software.