MedicAlert® & ManageMyHealth

Empowering for
Health & Wellness

Take MedicAlert® - combine it with the best secure web portal for personal health information in New Zealand called ManageMyHealth - and you get a global first!

With an estimated 80% of New Zealand General Practitioners now using Medtech32 as their practice management software combining with MedicAlert®’s trusted and proven service and emblems designed to protect and save your life;

You have the best nationwide medical emergency personal information service available.

What ManageMyHealth™ can do for you

  • Log in and view your vital MedicAlert® information that is accessible by emergency personnel and clinicians.
  • See what information has been prioritised to go on your MedicAlert® emblem and wallet card.
  • Make appointments with Doctors online.
  • View your Lab results.
  • Access your health records from home, away from home or when travelling overseas.
  • Add non prescribed medications or herbals you are taking that may be important to know during a clinical diagnosis.
  • Utilise various health tools and optionally save the results to your journal
  • Manage the care of your children and elderly family members.
  • And more…

How MedicAlert® is a vital tool in an emergency

MedicAlert® maintains your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals Record in ManageMyHealth that is essential in an emergency and accessible internationally when an incident occurs.

MedicAlert®’s emblems act as a ‘break glass device’. Like the glass over a fire alarm switch – emergency personnel can obtain secure access to the information that you and your doctors agree is important for your personal safety by using your Membership Number and if necessary the Emergency Hotline Number on your MedicAlert® emblem.

Empowering for Health & Wellness

ManageMyHealth is a secure personal internet portal that allows healthcare providers to empower individuals to take a more active role in their health and wellbeing.

ManageMyHealth can streamline communication and the management of health information between healthcare providers and patients.

Chronic disease levels are increasing worldwide, and in many cases can be improved with good health management and positive lifestyle changes.

ManageMyHealth gives patients and their healthcare providers the ability to engage electronically to support lifestyle changes.

Start receiving MedicAlert®’s protection and setup access to your vital health information with a ManageMyHealth account.

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