How MedicAlert® differs from other Medical Id’s

Beware of Imitation Bracelets or IDs

If your medical identification does not display this MedicAlert® LOGO … .. It's not MedicAlert®.

Imitation Medical ID’s found in jewellery stores, pharmacies and the internet are not supported by the unique MedicAlert® 24-hour protection, 24 hour emergency information service and do not provide an accessible MedicAlert® Patient Vitals - Electronic Health Record.

Emergency health care professionals are trained to recognize the MedicAlert® Emblem. They trust it because they understand the care and expertise that goes into preparing your MedicAlert® medical emergency record that can be accessed live 24/7. Only your MedicAlert® Emblem protects your privacy and gives Emergency Personnel ‘Break Glass Device’ access to your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record.

What’s more: You can log in to your personal ManageMyHealth™ Service and see for yourself who has accessed your record.

MedicAlert® obtains your Vital Medical Information directly from your registered medical practitioners and customize the engraving on your MedicAlert® Emblem to ensure that emergency health care providers know how best to treat you in an emergency.

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