Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ - Endorsement

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand (MNDA), is a not for profit organisation with the purpose of supporting people with Motor Neurone Disease and their carers in dealing with this demanding disease. The help we provide is largely through information, practical advice and emotional support direct into peoples’ homes and by phone, email and support groups. To achieve all of this, The MND Association has fieldworkers across the country who work to ensure that those with Motor Neurone Disease do not fall between the gap of the range of service providers on whom their survival and comfort depends.

We aim to:

  • co-ordinate and provide up-to-date information
  • provide emotional, social and practical support
  • advocate for the needs of people living with MND
  • develop awareness and understanding of MND

At any one time there are around 300 people with MND in New Zealand. People with Motor Neurone Disease are at risk in our community.

MedicAlert®’s internationally recognised service and emblem help protect people when they unexpectedly become:

  • Unconscious
  • Disorientated
  • Confused
  • Forgetful, or
  • Experience Anxiety

Difficulty in communicating key facts can be overcome with MedicAlert®, enabling appropriate and timely treatment and support. Equally, people with Motor Neurone Disease can present confusing symptoms, such as appearing intoxicated when in fact they require urgent assistance and medical attention.

Identification of an authentic MedicAlert® Emblem immediately draws attention to the person’s medical risks, so people in the community can take the matter seriously and urgently seek medial assistance when required.

MedicAlert® service also importantly enables emergency services and clinicians to access additional vital patient information that can help protect or save the persons life, locate a support person or family member and much more, whether the person is at home, out shopping or travelling abroad.

MedicAlert® helps save time in an emergency and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ recommends MedicAlert® and that clients and carers consider the benefits of using MedicAlert®

For more information about Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand:



Phone: 09 624 2148

Mail: P.O. Box 24036 Oak, Auckland 1345