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Autism New Zealand Inc. recommends MedicAlert® to our members and all those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Reduce stress when dealing with medical or law enforcement professionals

By wearing a MedicAlert® bracelet or identification the stress of dealing with doctors, police or rescue personnel can be reduced as they are able to identify and confirm that the person they are dealing with has ASD and react accordingly.

Save time in emergencies

Difficulty in communicating key facts can be overcome as a MedicAlert® Membership can provide medical staff with access to vital information that can result in appropriate and timely treatment and support.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times

MedicAlert® is clinically endorsed so medical records and information remain secure yet available to medical professionals in times of need.

Reduce worry for family members and friends

A MedicAlert® Membership will give peace of mind to loved ones who can be confident that appropriate treatment will be provided in times of crisis and that nominated supporters contacted.

Autism New Zealand Inc. recommends that anyone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders should enrol with MedicAlert®.

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