Benefits of a Membership

MedicAlert® is a trusted membership based service

What is included in your membership?

Patient Vitals Service

  • Access to the 24/7 hotline for emergency health care providers.

    Emergency responders can call for more information on your emergency medical history as required anytime, anywhere.

  • A comprehensive ‘wallet card’

    The wallet card lists additional medications and contacts which you may want to share with your doctor(s) and emergency responders so that you don’t need to worry about remembering all the necessary information.

  • High quality identification products

    MedicAlert® warranties the workmanship and material of your identification for one full year. If you have any problems with your product, just send it back to us and we’ll repair it.

  • ManageMyHealth™ account

    Do you wonder occasionally what’s on your Medical Records stored at your Doctors Surgery or who has accessed to your Medical Records. Your ManageMyHealth™ account will tell you just what you want to know and much more. Read More…

  • Break Glass Device access – Protecting your Privacy

    Your MedicAlert® Emblem keeps your personal information how it should be – Private. However: When an incident occurs and you need Emergency Personnel or a Doctor to access to your Vital Medical and Personal Information your emblem becomes the key that opens the door to your records, using your MedicAlert® Membership Number and MedicAlert®s 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service to protect and save your life.

  • Hotline answered by Ambulance Service

    MedicAlert®s Hotline is manned by a New Zealand Emergency Ambulance Call Centre that can dispatch Ambulance Services anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Comprehensive emergency medical record with unlimited updates

    Your medical information is provided directly by your registered Medical professional. You can feel confident that your MedicAlert Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record will be maintained by a trained MedicAlert® specialist who understands the importance of listing the right medical conditions, allergies and medications.

Advanced Protection Service

(Service Access Coming Soon – Account set-up available NOW)

Offers the same comprehensive Patient Vitals Service membership benefits, plus:

  • Advanced Directives

    Many New Zealanders have a written Advanced Directive (also known as living will) prepared that tells Medical Professionals how they wish to be treated in certain circumstances. For instance if they have Cancer, suffer a very serious and traumatic brain injury, have a heart attack or simply do not want to be resuscitated. MedicAlert® provides access to your written Advanced Directives prepared and supplied by you, usually with the assistance of your Doctor.

  • Enduring Power of Attorney-Welfare

    It could be vitally important for Medical Professionals to quickly identify and locate your Enduring Power of Attorney – Welfare in a Medical Emergency.

    If you have had your Lawyer prepare this legal document, MedicAlert® can make it accessible so the powers of your Enduring Power of Attorney -Welfare are clearly understood.

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