Purchasing a MedicAlert® Membership

When seconds count, MedicAlert® could save your life.

An Ambulance may not be close by, but MedicAlert® can be with you all the time

With the help of MedicAlert® your First Responder can get the best advice to protect and save your life. When you enrol with MedicAlert®, you are joining a community of people who value MedicAlert®’s Service, the real peace of mind it provides yourself and your family and the knowledge that your vital information is right at hand when you, a first aider, emergency personnel or doctor need it.

You are also enrolling with an organisation focused on people not money. MedicAlert® is a New Zealand registered non profit charitable organisation. When MedicAlert® receives a Donation, every member benefits because MedicAlert® can keep its costs to Members to a minimum.

In 1956, the Founder of MedicAlert®; Doctor Marion Collins said: “I Think I can save more lives with MedicAlert®, than I’ll ever save with my scalpel”

Now we are more than 47 years on and MedicAlert® has helped more than 160 Thousand New Zealanders and over 4 Million Members internationally.

MedicAlert® is a very efficient, low cost and valuable service.

When you check out the Benefits of being a MedicAlert® member and then discover how little it costs, you will be astonished.

For less than the cost of a Café Espresso only once a month (value $2.75), you receive MedicAlert®s comprehensive Patient Vitals Service to protect and save your life.

Online, when you first enrol, you can also choose either a Free Medical Id or upgrade to a MedicAlert® Bracelet that more suits your preferences and receive a great discount while you are at it.

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