Is MedicAlert® a Charity?

Yes we are charity. Our Charity Commission number is CC25227 – Please feel free to look at the Charities Commission website.

How does my donation help?

MedicAlert® Foundation New Zealand is a charity, receipt of donations is vitally important to help build awareness and educate the wider community about MedicAlert®'s Service Supported and clinically validated Medical ID's. 

In an emergency situation where time and obtaining the appropriate help needed, could be the difference between life and death, or suffering harm that significantly reduces your future quality of life. 

A Good Samaritan, First Responder or Health Practitioner, who immediately looks for, recognizes and knows they can trust use of a persons MedicAlert® Medical ID and Services, can make all the difference. 

Your support to build awareness and educate the wider community, will be most gratefully received. 

How can I make a donation?

No donation amount is too large or small and we appreciate your continued support in our mission to provide all New Zealanders with potentially life-threatening health conditions or special medical needs with MedicAlert® protection. You can donate now directly online or phone. Donate Now


What information is engraved on the bracelet or necklet?

Firstly, two vital pieces of information are always engraved, they make your MedicAlert® Medical ID more than just an every day joe bloggs bracelet. These two pieces of information in addition to the MedicAlert® Brand on the front, clinically validate the MedicAlert® Medical ID by providing Emergency Services and Health Practitioners access to vital electronically stored information, both nationally and internationally, via the Central Emergency Ambulance Communications Center operated by Wellington Free Ambulance.   

They are:

  • Your Membership ID and vital information service access number.
  • The telephone number of MedicAlert®’s 24 Hour Emergency Hotline and country access code.

Thirdly, we custom engrave your most important - must know medical information. 

Before doing so, we need to know: Do you have any specific wishes that you would like incorporated on the emblem?

For instance, is the Medical ID primarily for someone with a mental illness/disability, implanted device or for someone with specific or multiple medical risks? Or for example, will the Medical ID be mainly used as an identity device for a person with Dementia or Alzheimer's?

Your response will be considered when the Foundation sets up your custom engraving profile. The Foundation will also follow the instructions of your Doctor. If we feel there is any ambiguity we will send you an email and request a response or give you a call. 

Giving you the protection you need in the community and/or while using a health service, is our primary concern.

What if my information changes? How do I update my medical information?

All paid up service members are entitled to free unlimited demographic and medical file updates and should log-in to their personal members account to make free changes to personal information in their ManageMyHealth™ account. Clinical diagnosis and prescription medications are required to be authenticated by your clinician either electronically or via a certificate. If you require assistance please contact us 

How often can I update my information?
If it change, update it. There is no limitations on submitting updates.

Please Note: If your information changes significantly, we recommend you reorder a new product. If you are unsure please call us at ☎ 0800 840 111.

Memberships and Services

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Why should I join MedicAlert?

If you are taking any medication on an ongoing basis, have a medical condition that could be life threatening or are allergic to drugs, food or environmental elements (e.g. bee stings, pollen etc), then you need MedicAlert®.

MedicAlert® ensures your vital medical information is immediately known to emergency health care providers. It gives any First Responder an opportunity of providing informed first aid and will speak for you when you cannot. Without MedicAlert®’s medical identification and 24 hour hotline service, you are leaving your emergency care at risk, especially when every second counts.


I only need a bracelet. Why do I have to become a member?

MedicAlert® offers much more than a piece of jewellery. It offers peace of mind through a vital fully supported service. Our products are linked to a membership and here is why it is extremely important to have the two together.

  • MedicAlert® is trusted by clinicians because we provide a service that keeps your vital information available at all times.MedicAlert®  is your voice when you cannot speak for yourself.
  • You can ensure your medical record is up to date at any time. MedicAlert® will process these updates for you when ever you notify us. This service is all inclusive in your annual membership service fee.
  • Our 24/7 Emergency Hotline service provides the First Responder with additional information on your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record.
  • Your unique membership ID number located on the back of the emblem allows the Health or Emergency Responder to access our 24/7 emergency hotline should they require any additional information regarding your health condition, current medications or names and telephone numbers of your emergency contacts, all of which is hosted on a secure confidential system.
  • MedicAlert® provides a Membership Services Office available during normal business hours. You can contact the Membership Services office using a FREE Phone 0800 number when ever you need.
  • MedicAlert® also provides you with one free Medical Emergency wallet card per year (if required).

Again, all of these services are included in your annual membership service fee.

What is my risk for purchasing an imitation medical ID?

MedicAlert® is a membership based community. If you are not a MedicAlert® member and not wearing an authentic MedicAlert® medical identification, then you are wearing an imitation ID. Imitation IDs found in jewellery stores, pharmacies and on the internet are not supported by the unique MedicAlert® 24 hour protection and 24 hour Emergency Information Service. See how MedicAlert® differs...

How much does membership cost?

Standard membership costs as little as $60 a year (incl GST) for MedicAlert®’s Patient Vitals Service. For an additional $10 a year, you can upgrade to the Advanced Protection Service which provides you with additional benefits. The Benefits of MedicAlert®.

How do I become a member?

Joining the MedicAlert® community is easy. There are 4 easy ways to become a member:

  • Online: Join us Enrol Now
  • Phone: Call us at ☎ 0800 840 111 – We can process your enrolment over the phone
  • Mail: Print off and complete this Enrolment Form, then mail it to us
  • Your GP: Your General Practitioner* can refer you directly during a consultation.
* Applies to General Practitioners using Medtech 32 practice management software.

A few important pointers for you:

  • Make sure you have your personal information available, including your address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, family emergency contacts and your Doctor’s name and Medical Centre.
  • With your permission when you enroll, MedicAlert® can electronically collect patient medical information from most New Zealand General Practitioners. We will let you know and provide you with a form, if you need to collect and forward this yourself.
  • Have your credit card information ready.
How do I apply for membership assistance?

New Zealanders young and old with potentially life-threatening health conditions or special medical needs can be protected with financial support from Work and Income New Zealand. To arrange an appointment with a Case Manager call:
Work and Income New Zealand
0800 559 009

Can I automatically renew my membership each year?

Yes, to ensure continued MedicAlert® protection and service, you can request automatic renewal at any time. To automatically renew: Complete this Direct Debit Form, fill in your details and send it to MedicAlert® – we can take care of the rest for you.

Alternately you can choose the 5 Year Membership Option while Enrolling Online. Importantly: When you do this you will benefit from discounts on the multi-year membership and you will not need to worry about renewing for another 5 years.

Can I order some MedicAlert brochures?

You can, either online, or call us at ☎ 0800 840 111


How long does it take to receive my order/product?

We provide customized engraving that is very specific for each member.

Stainless steel products usually ship within three weeks.

Precious metal products (silver and gold) usually ship within four weeks.

Delivery: Please allow two to three business days for NZ Post to delivery your product. Special courier arrangements can be made at your cost by contacting us at ☎ 0800 840 111.

Do you have any other products than the stainless steel bracelet?

MedicAlert® has many different medical identification products to suit your lifestyle. Select from a variety of bracelet and necklet styles as well as precious metal material. Go to the Products page.

How much do the products cost?

Each product will have a unique cost depending on the material and the weight of the product (e.g. gold). Current pricing is available for each product. Go to the Products page.

14ct Gold products are priced on application as they are made to order and prices can vary due to international currency and gold price fluctuations.

What type of warranty do you offer on products?

MedicAlert® provides a one year warranty on all its products in accordance with the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

Where do I send my product for repair or re-sizing? How long will it take?

Please contact us at ☎ 0800 840 111 before forwarding a product for repair or re-sizing. A fee may apply and payment will be required before the work is completed.

Please send your product to the following address:

MedicAlert® Foundation
PO Box 40028
Upper Hutt 5140

Or, Courier to:

MedicAlert® Foundation
CBD Towers
Level 8
84-90 Main Street
Upper Hutt 5018

What bracelets do you recommend for babies and toddlers?

MedicAlert® recommends the stainless steel petite emblem for use by babies and toddlers. It is lightweight, low maintenance and difficult to remove. It can also be customized to fit a small wrist.

Can I put more information on the larger emblem?

Larger emblems usually do have the capacity to include more engraving when they are first engraved.

Once engraved however, adding additional information to any emblem can be possible but it is not guaranteed or necessarily recommended. This is a case by case circumstance dependant on what is being requested and remaining space available.

The condition of your emblem’s engraving should also be considered as it is not possible to re-engrave over the top.

How do I report a lost or found MedicAlert Bracelet/Necklet?

If LOST or FOUND kindly contact us at ☎ 0800 840 111 immediately.