Emergency responders

What Health Care Providers are saying about MedicAlert

MedicAlert operates in many countries around the world.

MedicAlert Canada surveyed CAEP (Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians) members and Paramedics in 2000 to understand the value these healthcare workers placed in the MedicAlert service.

Response EMS CAEP
Saves me time 90% 87%
Helps me establish a diagnosis 94% 68%
Helps me determine treatment 83% 73%
Helps me provide treatment more quickly in an emergency 84% 80%

Paramedics and emergency room physicians indicated that MedicAlert saves them time in establishing a diagnosis and treatment.

“MedicAlert is your medical history. It's the story you can't tell me when you're unconscious.’ — Norm Roberge, Level II Paramedic, Toronto Ambulance

“Any type of a disorder where emergency care might be necessary for a patient, where it would really make a difference whether you knew what they were on or not, we recommend people have it. You want to make sure somebody would receive the correct treatment in an emergency.” — Dr. Donald Morrish, Endocrinologist, AB

“MedicAlert's services are irreplaceable, especially when people suffer an emergency in absence of a family member or friend. The ability to access medical information immediately provides paramedics and emergency staff with the extra minutes that can save lives.” — Carl Baille, Paramedic