Designer Silver 9inch Expansion Bracelet

Expand your style with this flexible band that looks and fits like a watch. Sterling Silver MedicAlert Emblem with a flexible stainless-steel expansion bracelet. The expansion bracelet allows for easy on off wear, no clasps to work with.

Made in Canada.
Emblem material: Sterling Silver
Expansion twist band: Stainless steel

Features & Specs
Expansion bracelets feature Speidel’s flexible expansion bands

Return Policy
Customized engraving of medical information on the emblem prevent MedicAlert from offering any refunds on identification products.

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9inch Expansion BandResizing: Please be aware resizing items after shipping will incur a fee.

Not recommended for: Children under the age of 3 To wear while swimming in chlorine or salt water To wear during sports and gym activities To wear during heavy work, construction, yard work Direct contact with cleaning chemicals, beauty products, perfumes while wearing this product Sterling Silver Care and Cleaning Maintain the brilliance of your Sterling Silver ID with regular cleaning and be careful not to use an abrasive sponge, cloth or cleaner on your product as these will scratch the surface. Silver cleaning solutions offer the best results and are especially helpful in cleaning the chain and clasp quickly. Tarnishing All Sterling Silver products tarnish overtime with continued wear. In some cases, tarnishing may happen much faster when it comes in contact with chemical agents (like perfume, lotion and chlorine) and acidic skin ph. Individuals with diabetes and individuals taking anticoagulants are also more likely to experience tarnishing.

All MedicAlert products are warranted against all defects in material or workmanship for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover:• Normal wear • Tarnishing or scratching of the emblem, chain and attachments • Pulling open J Ring Wrist Safety Part Links• Tearing of silicone bands• Damage resulting from misuse or accidental handling• Loss of any kind• Changing your mind following purchase

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