Financial Assistance

Your life is more valuable than just a few dollars

Are you experiencing Financial Hardship

You may be entitled to Financial Assistance from Work and Income New Zealand.

If you are Senior Citizen, a Veteran, a Sickness Beneficiary or just a Kiwi family experiencing a tough time financially. You may be entitled to financial assistance from Work and Income New Zealand.

Work and Income New Zealand may be able to assist you in the following ways:

  • MedicAlert® Enrolment

By assisting to meet the Medic Alert Enrolment fee (which may include a Free MedicAlert® Emblem).

  • Annual Membership Service Fee

By meeting the ongoing cost of Medic Alert's Annual ‘Patient Vitals Service’ Fee

  • Emblem Replacements

While MedicAlert® Emblems are very durable, normal wear and tear can take its toll over the years as body oils and grit on your skin rub against the emblem. Softer metals may also wear quicker just as rings on your fingers wear. Your medical information may also change.

You will need to replace your Medic Alert Emblem from time to time. Keeping your MedicAlert® Emblem engraving current is also very important.

Work and Income may be able to assist you to meet this cost.

Contact Work and Income

To arrange an appointment with a Case Manager call:

0800 559 009