Why MedicAlert®

We're more than a bracelet – MedicAlert® is a valuable personal service that can speak for you

MedicAlert® Foundation is recognized by medical professionals and emergency services around the world

Feel Safe, Relax, Chill Out - You have MedicAlert®!

Imagine this scenario: You are rushed to the emergency room, unable to give the triage nurse your medical history. Emergency response personnel immediately access your medical history and records through MedicAlert®, You’re protected!

Adverse drug reactions and misdiagnosis are a serious risk when the pressure is on. MedicAlert® gives emergency response personnel confidence to act now to protect and save your life.

Instantly Recognisable Emblem

  Your Medic Alert emblem is recognized by Medical Professionals and instantly identifiable:

  • It means you may have a diagnosed medical condition.
  • It means you may be on medication that doctors who do not know you, need to know NOW.
  • When Travelling Overseas it means emergency services in foreign countries can get the information they need to protect and save your life. There’s more...
  • The custom engraved information on the emblem is trusted by clinicians because it comes directly from your Registered Medical Professional.
  • It protects your privacy.
  • It gives doctors and emergency services ‘break glass device’ access to your Patient Vitals information via your Electronic Health Record.
  • With a MedicAlert® emblem, you know that you are prepared should an unexpected incident occur that is out of your control.

Oh and when you first enroll, you can choose a Free Medic Alert Emblem or purchase a discounted medic alert emblem of your choice.

Medical Condition and Age Appropriate Emblems

From young children & teenagers to senior citizens, sensitive skin types to the most active, with durable to precious metals; MedicAlert® has a medical alert emblem that can meet your needs.

A Fully Supported Service
You can Trust!

MedicAlert®’s Emergency Hotline Service is set to go:

  • At any time, on any day
  • Wherever you are in the world
  • MedicAlert®'s Emergency Hotline
  • (phone number on your emblem) connects directly to an Emergency Ambulance Call Centre in New Zealand, every hour of every day!

MedicAlert®’s Membership Services

MedicAlert®'s office is available during normal business hours so you receive personal service and talk directly with a member of staff. You can also save yourself time and check out MedicAlert®'s Frequently Asked Questions online.

This Website is part of MedicAlert®'s valuable service for you:

  • Order products online
  • Upgrade your MedicAlert® service when the time is right for you
  • Keep your MedicAlert® service active and more...

Online access to your Electronic Health Record

You receive an online ManageMyHealth™ account so:

  • You can access your medical records via your Electronic Health Record online at any time.
  • You can see when your Health Record has been accessed and by who, plus much more. Go to: ManageMyHealth™

You stay in Control!


We don't just store information; we make use of it - especially in emergencies, by relaying critical medical information to help save lives.

Peace of Mind

We give our members comfort and valuable peace of mind because they know MedicAlert® provides their personal and medical information whenever and wherever it is needed. If you wish, you can choose to give a family member access to help manage your MedicAlert® service “now that’s real peace of mind when you need and want some help”John Carr - Member


With MedicAlert®, our members have the freedom to live their lives to the fullest without worrying about sharing medical information in a medical emergency.

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