ADD New Zealand Trust endorses MedicAlert

MedicAlert can also help protect your rights.

Posted: 28 February 2010

"Where the person's level of understanding is affected by mental health disorders, neurological disabilities (ADHD, PDD, Aspergers and Autism), cerebral trauma (head injury, cerebral hemorrhage and tumours), and people with IHC, anxiety may lead the person into making a false confession so a referral to MedicAlert is very important” says Robyn Wynn Williams the nurse coordinator of the ADD Assessment and Family Support Centre run by the Trust.

False confessions due to anxiety are a serious risk for both the Patient and the Police as a consequence of these conditions. The legal processes that follow as a consequence of false confessions, add significant and unnecessary stress for the Patient and their family that are often expensive and take long periods of time to resolve through the court system. Other issues exist that also need consideration.

A MedicAlert® Membership and Emblem can significantly improve the outcome of interaction with law enforcement agencies. For instance, Police can immediately be notified at the scene of an incident that they are dealing with an individual that has a diagnosed condition that requires serious consideration with appropriate treatment or action.

"It is not uncommon to hear dramatic news stories of people with mental disabilities being exposed to the sharp end of the law and one only needs to do a quick internet search to learn about the violence autistic children get exposed to said Murray Lord - CEO of MedicAlert Foundation New Zealand.

MedicAlert is offering a special online 'Initial Enrolment' discount to people referred by the ADD Assessment and Family Support Centre.

Contact the ADD Assessment and Family Support Centre for more information at the link below.

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