Advanced Protection Service

MedicAlerts® Advance Protection Service is an upgrade on MedicAlert's comprehensive Patient Vitals Service.

Advance Directives

MedicAlert® provides access to your written Advance Directives prepared and supplied by you, usually with the assistance of your Doctor. more...

Many New Zealanders have a written Advance Directive (also known as a living will).

It tells Medical Professionals and emergency services how you wish to be treated in certain circumstances.

For instance, if you have cancer, suffer a very serious and traumatic brain injury, have a heart attack or simply do not want to be resuscitated.

MedicAlert make a copy of your Written Advance Directives electronically accessible to emergency services and clinicians when an incident occurs so your instructions can be respected.

Enduring Power of Attorney-Welfare

MedicAlert® make your Enduring Power of Attorney - Welfare powers accessible and available to be followed in a timely manner. more...

It could be vitally important for Medical Professionals to quickly identify and locate your Enduring Power of Attorney – Welfare in a Medical Emergency. If you have had your Lawyer prepare this legal document that identifies your Enduring Power of Attorney – Welfare and their powers, lodge an electronically accessible copy with MedicAlert® immediately.

MedicAlert®’s Advance Protection Service... get the protection you deserve.

Child Advanced Protection Service - 5 Years

More Control - Less Cost

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“I was diagnosed with aggresive prostate cancer in 2014 and had a prostatectomy (removal of my...”

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