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Katelyn Greenwood, Taupo

Why I joined

Hi I'm Tess, Katelyn's Mum, she is 3 and has been recently diagnosed with Nephrotic Kidney Syndrome. Her kidneys for some reason arn't working properly and let protein and fluid into her body which makes her swell up and get high blood pressure, cholesterol and wipes out her immune system. She is on massive doses of steroids for this chronic disease and this affects her if she has an accident and goes into shock - the emergency services will need to know that she is on such large doses of steroids so they can give her more to support her adrenal system. The steroids also negatively effect her behaviour so I am hoping the sight of the medic alert bracelet will help people to be more understanding and tolerant when she behaves in an antisocial way.

Why you should join

A great way for a mum to feel that Katelyn's medical information will be available if I am not there - a relief for other parents with children who have medical problems.

Wed 31 Oct 2012