Member Story

Michelle, Christchurch New Zealand.

Why I joined

I have allergies to medications that if i am given them by accident I can go into a comer or end up very sick with constant vomiting. My braclet has helped me when I colapsed at home and had a mild stroke. I was unable to talk and passing in and out of conciusness. My husband could not remember the drugs I could not have so yes my braclet saved me. Another time when I had a complete shut down at a supermarket . an ambulance was called and the first thing the medics looked for was my braclett. So thanks to you Medic Alert. I know im safe.

Why you should join

I have a son and he is also with Medic Alert and I have no worries knowing he has everything he needs right on him. To alow him the help he needs wether Im their or not. Its so important to help assist the medics decide on the right course of action to take. Cheers register today and dont delay.

Mon 26 Jul 2010