Patient Vitals Service

A comprehensive, fully supported service to Protect and Save your life in New Zealand and when you travel overseas.

  • ManageMyHealth Account more....
  • Do you wonder occasionally what is on your Medical Records stored at your Doctor's Surgery or who has accessed your Medical Records. Your ManageMyHealth account will tell you just what you want to know and much more
  • Latest Technologies more....
  • MedicAlert® has deployed the latest virtual server and secure .net internet service technologies to deliver a globally leading Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record service. With the power of Super Fast Fibre Optic Broadband services, systems redundancy and encrypted certificated data transfer, your vital information can travel safely and securely around the world in the blink of an eye
  • Access to the 24/7 hotline for emergency health care providers more....
  • Emergency responders can call to obtain vital information from your emergency medical history as required anytime, from anywhere around the world.
  • Free Medical Emergency Wallet Card more....
  • MedicAlert® will provide you with one free wallet card per annum (if required). This offer if unclaimed, expires when your renewal date falls due each year. However when you renew, so too will your free wallet card offer for the coming year. You will automatically receive your free wallet card when you first enrol.
  • Free MedicAlert Emblem more....
  • When you first enrol, MedicAlert® provides you with either a Free Emblem or you can choose a discounted Emblem that better suits your personal preferences.
  • Free Phone 0800 access more....
  • MedicAlert® is all about our Members who we diligently serve and protect. If you need to call MedicAlert®, use our Free Phone Number 0800 840 111. Staying in touch is very important, so too is keeping your personal and emergency contact information up to date.
  • Membership Service Office more....
  • MedicAlert® 's® Membership Service office operates during normal business hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Our trained and experience team will service your needs and answer your questions personally.
  • Break Glass Device access – Protecting you privacy more....
  • Your MedicAlert® bracelet or necklace keeps your personal information how it should be – Private. When an incident occurs and you need Emergency Personnel or a Doctor to access to your Vital Medical and Personal Information your emblem becomes the key that opens the door to your records, using your MedicAlert® Membership Number and MedicAlert®'s 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service
  • Comprehensive emergency medical record with unlimited updates more....
  • Your medical information is provided directly by your registered Medical professional. You can feel confident that your MedicAlert® Patient Vitals – Electronic Health Record will be maintained by a trained MedicAlert® specialist who understands the importance of listing the right medical conditions, allergies and medications.

(Service fee reduced for children)

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